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With Forest Travel, we have you covered in more ways than one for all your holiday needs. Are you looking for the trendiest travel destinations that will leave you with lasting memories? We have compiled a definitive list of the top travel destinations for 2023 to suit everyone, whether you are a thrill-seeker or an adventurer.

Why Visit The Faroe Islands With Forest Travel

The Faroe Islands

Forest Travel says the Faroe Islands are located north of Scotland and attract many visitors from around the world. Because of their fantastic wildlife and landscapes, the Faroe Islands are highly Instagrammable.

You’ll love the striking views of the volcanic islands, lush forests, jagged coastlines, and wind-swept mountains. The remote location still makes it easy to take road trips and explore nature. Foodies and outdoor lovers will find this a great destination.

The City of London

Known for its high-end shops, historical monuments, and architectural wonders, London is one of the most mesmerizing cities. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul Cathedral are some of the most picturesque streets, says Forest Travel.

In addition to many museums, expansive parks, breathtaking gardens, and picnic areas, this city offers a lot for historians, adventurers, foodies, and shoppers.

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Make Sure You Don’t Miss It says Forest Travel

It would be helpful if you didn’t miss the Royal Jewels, Tower Bridge, National Gallery, Albert and Victoria Museum, and Churchill’s War Rooms. You can also explore the Connaught Bar and Claridge’s newly renovated rooms.

Alberta, Canada, Banff National Park

One of the stunning places to tour is Banff National Park. The magic happens when you interact with big-hearted comedians and first community leaders.

Forest Travel Explains Why You Should Visit Banff

If you want to explore historic hotels, museums, and national parks, you should take advantage of this place. The snow-capped peaks, alpine lakes, and waterfalls will delight nature lovers. There are a number of restaurants at the top of Sulphur Mountain, as well as a hot spring on the mountain. It is a great place to test your taste buds.

Visit Lake Minnewanka or hike in the Canadian Rockies to complete your trip.

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The Seychelles

You can experience an authentic luxury experience at the Forest Travel Resorts. This tourist destination attracts millions of visitors who want to explore the world’s most beautiful beaches. Forest Travel recommends visiting Aldabra Atoll to see Earth’s oldest living creatures.

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The Nappa Valley

There are five-star resorts in Napa Valley that allow you to taste wines crafted to perfection. Visit the Four Seasons Napa Valley and Montage Hotel for the perfect long weekend getaway.

The Galapagos Islands

With 18 islands that stretch 605 miles, Galapagos boasts idyllic beaches and different wildlife. You can also explore kayaking, treks, and close-ups with prehistoric animals.

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There are a variety of sharks in the Galapagos, including hammerheads, white-tipped sharks, tiger snake eels, sea lions, and turtles. The moonlike terrain will provide stunning views if you want to explore the island. Afterward, you can visit Urbina Bay for exciting artifacts such as skeletons and flowers.

Punta Vicente Roca has underwater caves where you can see some species up close, including the primitive bullhead shark. Darwin Bay is also a great place for birdwatchers.

Portugal, Porto

Porto is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Portugal, with a wealth of artistic and monumental heritage. Porto offers a unique charm to those visiting the city for the first time.

After a day’s activities, you can explore the hotels. Casa de Cha da Boa Nova is one restaurant that will impress every visitor.

Douro Valley is the place to taste Porto’s signature wine.

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Italy, Taormina

Located on the eastern coast of the Ionian Sea, Taormina is a tourist hotspot that welcomes visitors from around the world. The picturesque town is perched on the slopes of the Ionian Sea. You’ll find the earliest Greek colonies here. As evident by the cathedral, the town has evolved over the years.

Here are some reasons why you should go

A climate-friendly city with perfect beaches, Taormina offers resorts like some of our Forest Travel hotels and resorts.

Explore the Excellent Wineries in Bianca and Hike Mt. Etna.


Thousands of tourists visit Anguilla every year because of its hidden Caribbean gem. Serenity seekers will love the dazzling beaches in Anguilla. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love the Crusoe Islands. History buffs will enjoy the heritage trail. You’ll also love the peace that comes with the Anguilla Festival.

To explore the stunning island, begin your journey at Shoal Bay. There are less crowded beaches that offer a variety of activities like snorkeling.

A rental car with an open-air roof is a great way to explore Scilly Cay and try the island’s food.

Italy, Ischia

In the Gulf of Naples, this is an ideal getaway for couples. Enjoy the thermal parks and wellness centers. There are many hot springs in the Campanian Archipelago.

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