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Forest Travel members rely on vacations for bonding and critical memory-making, so Forest Travel wants to provide the best vacation experiences for all families.

You want your family to have a stress-free vacation, and the best way to relax is to know everyone is happy, safe, and healthy.

These tips from Forest Travel will help you equip your family with the tools for safe fun on vacation, so your family can have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Family Travel Safety Tips from Forest Travel (2)

Family Travel Safety Tips from Forest Travel

Defining the rules:

If something goes awry on a trip, ensure your kids know all the essential safety procedures, including how to contact emergency personnel and where to find you if they get lost.

Make sure that everyone knows what time and where everyone will meet before you leave for the day. This will keep your family safer and give you peace of mind when you go on vacation.

Family Travel Safety Tips from Forest Travel 2

On the Go Childproofing:

If you travel with younger children, packing outlet covers, baby gates, and other kid-proofing devices is a great idea. Just because you are not at home does not mean no danger.

You should always monitor where your child is and ensure harmful chemicals are out of reach. It’s best to have your own safety plan and take all the same precautions while on vacation. Any parent wants to ensure their children are safe on vacation from the same things they protect them from at home.

Family Travel Safety Tips from Forest Travel (1)


It is a good idea to practice fire drills or other emergency procedures at home and while you are away. Ensure your kids know the nearest exit in a hotel room or rental home.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date emergency phone numbers, such as local fire and police departments, when you check into your accommodations.

You can relax and enjoy your vacation time with loved ones with the necessary information and equipment provided by Forest Travel.

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